Little school of urban ecology

In 2023, we will implement  project  School of Urban Ecology at Krater II., within the framework of which we will prepare educational workshops for elementary school children from schools of Miran Jarc, Vida Pregarc and Bežigrad. During the prepared program, we will learn about the urban ecology, develop manual skills by making products from the biomass of invasive plants and wild clay, and explore how we will live in cities in the near future.

Ever since the opening of the Krater, informative educational workshops for children in the field of urban ecology have been held in the overgrown construction pit. They have been visited by more than 200 local children so far. 

With the workshops, we want to bring urban ecology closer to children by encouraging their critical thinking and the search for creative, practical solutions to the environmental challenges we face in urban areas. We learn about the ways in which we can use the biomass of invasive plants,  which we try out by producing hand-making paper and plant pots.  We plant various honey plants, whose growth and connection with pollinators can be observed by children at school or at home. We are also learning how to grow edible mushrooms. During the project, we created a water circulation polygon, which serves us as a tool for learning about the importance of water in cities. There is also a tour around the Krater during which we get to know many other inhabitants that we share with in the city. We listen with interest to the wishes and ideas of the children, who inspire us in how they imagine the future of the Krater!

Project leader: Sebastjan Kovač

Workshop providers: Sebastjan Kovač, Andrej Koruza, Gaja Mežnarić Osole, Rok Oblak and Primož Turnšek

Photo: Amadeja Smrekar

The implementation of the program is co-financed by the Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Education.