Forbidden Vernaculars tea set

The Forbidden Vernaculars tea set was designed for hosting tea ceremonies set to discuss the accessibility and legal use of natural materials in Slovenia.

The Forbidden Vernaculars tea set was designed with the aim to continue the discussion about the inaccessibility of locally obtained materials - in other settings, outside the location of the Krater. It consists of a cup made of wild clay (Krater cup), packaging made of mycelium (Krater capsule) and tea from the Japanese knotweed rhizomes, products made of materials and ingredients that cannot be produced for commercial purposes due to existing legislative frameworks, expensive certification procedures or patent barriers. 

You can order the art piece by sending the request to

Project was supported by an initiative Disruptive Creativity (Centre for Creativity) and biennial for design BIO27 - Super Vernaculars.

  • €186,-